In the early 20s, Alfio Cavallaro, pioneer of etnean apiculture, fascinated by the world of bees, started honey production in the citrus orchards of the Ionian coast. Considering the Arabian influence on the Sicilian confectionery, the product was in great demand, thing which encouraged this production. But it is with the embargo on sugar during World War II in Italy that the product supply undergoes a sudden rise, that however will be reduced in the 50s and 60s; those years saw the coming of the second generation with the son Salvatore, who sees in the potting a form of making the most and the alternative placing for the product which, by that time, he buys from other Sicilian producers, in order to satisfy the request of the first food chains of distribution both at a Sicilian and a national level.

The coming of the third generation in the 90s with Salvatore’s sons Alfio and Nunzio, saw the concentration of the company resources in the selection and packaging of the best Sicilian productions, granting market outlets and an added value to a substantial quantity of Sicilian product. Almost a century of passion and dedication in the sector, have been crowned with the building in 2001, naturally in Zafferana Etnea, center of the whole regional production, of a 10000sq m factory of which 1500sq m covered, built with European funds, with a production cycle of 4000 jars an hour and 15000 quintal a year, with a laboratory for the control of quality and with the certification of quality in conformity with ISO 9001:2000 issued by DNV; all these factors will allow the firm to faces, with suitable means, challenges and opportunities and, not least, the expectations of an increasingly mature consumer more and more attentive to the origin and characteristics of the product.

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Our team

  • Dott. Alfio Cavallaro Sole Administrator
    Dott. Alfio Cavallaro Sole Administrator
  • Antonio Nunzio CavallaroProduction Manager
    Antonio Nunzio CavallaroProduction Manager
  • Dott.ssa Lucrezia Cavallaro Head of Administration
    Dott.ssa Lucrezia Cavallaro Head of Administration
  • Salvatore CavallaroPacking Line Clerk
    Salvatore CavallaroPacking Line Clerk
  • Dario Di Termine HACCP Manager
    Dario Di Termine HACCP Manager
  • Maria FrestaQuality Manager
    Maria FrestaQuality Manager
  • Marco Plumari Clerk Receiving Orders
    Marco Plumari Clerk Receiving Orders